Relish on countless experiences that will delight your senses.  Enjoy them quietly and with time, like the Saxons used to say, „langsam aber sicher” – „slowly but surely.” The most worthy housewives in the Transylvanian Highlands use vegetables, fruits, plants, spices grown in their own gardens, as well as meat, milk and eggs from their yard or their neighbor’s. If you like to cook and have enough patience, you can steal some secrets while participating in various gastronomic events.

Feel the taste of the Transylvanian Highlands and you will be fascinated by the local products. Return in time and rediscover your childhood flavors and sensations or discover new tastes and unique experiences – a truly multicultural cuisine, because here you can find delicious Romanian, Saxon, Hungarian, even Western European dishes or whose origin is so old that no one knows where they come from.

What’s different? You’ll eat vegetables, fruits, plants and spices grown a few steps away from where you are, carefully and mildly. Milk and eggs can be found in any village – you can buy it and get it yourself, farmers will be happy to help the milking cows or buffaloes. For those concerned with the silhouette, we propose a lot of exercise in nature to compensate.

Pâine tradiţională

Traditional bread, baked on the hearth of old reliable ovens 

Whether it’s made by long time bakers or by village housewives in home ovens, you will not be able to leave this bread from your hand. 


Cakes you will eat till the very last crumb

But whose recipes are well-kept secrets from generations. You should definitely try:
Lichiu (with plums, cottage cheese or…cabbage)
Hencleş – related to „lichiu”, but made according to old Saxon recipes
Gomboţ (a cousing of good old plum dumplings)
Haioşe ….that’s a surprise


Honey and beekeeping products

Obtained from rare, spontaneous or endangered plant indigenous species

Pâine tradiţională

All the pickles you can imagine

Combined in various ways for every taste: sweeter, more sour, salted or spicy.


Home made preserved products

Made from local vegetables and other ingredients.


Jam and chutney

Made by skilled hands out of all possible and impossible fruits from the orchard, garden or wild. And even from surprising plants like the rhubarb.

Pâine tradiţională

Milk and dairy 

Different types (sheep, goat, cow or buffalo) and the most authentic tastes of the Transylvanian Highlands.


Meat products 

A true delight for carnivors, especially when trying the traditionally smoked sausages.


Soft drinks and aperitifs to get the appetite going

From spring and summer fruits like the sour-cherries, raspberries, apricots, blueberries or elderflower. 

Local producers / farmers

Fruits: Dumitru Hârşan – Nr. 5 . Mere,
Cherries, Hazelnuts. Maria Simina Bîrsan – Str. Lungă, Nr. 137 –
Vegetables: Szőke Janos – Str. Podului, Nr. 8 – – onion, chives, carrots, beet and tomatoes.
Honey and bee products: Mihai Iosif – Str. Naţională, Nr. 70, Ioan Sumanski – Str. Muzeului, Nr. 125, Gergely C. Robert – Calea Baraţilor nr. 37
Sheep milk: Stroian Zaharie – Str. Livezi nr. 14.
Cow milk: Zaharie Z. Stroian – Str. Livezi nr. 12.

Cow milk: Ioan Alexandru Pop – Nr. 271.
Bakery: Mihai Hegbeli – Nr. 317, comuna Albeşti.

Ţopa Ecological Farm  – Nr. 105A, comuna Albeşti – – cheese varieties, vegetable, herbal teas, traditional jams and pickels, zacusca, fruit and plant syrups.

Honey: Augustin Tatu –

Fruits and vegetables: Ironim Tiberiu Ciotloş – Str. Câmpului nr. 200, Sighişoara – plums.
Maria Fodor – Str. St. O. Iosif 24, ap.3, Sighişoara – plums and apples.

Fruits: SC Pomicola SRL – Ferma 9, comuna Apold – apples, plums and hazelnuts.

Basic products – Stone mill flower – Romulus Banciu – Moara Zlagna, comuna Bârghiş –

Fruits and vegetables: Neculae Sorin – +40 722 396 237 – strawberries, blueberries, syrups (blueberries, elder, sea-buckthorn, black locust)

Traditional bread: Vasile Iorgulescu – +40 722 639453

Sheep milk: Molnar family – nr. 230, Pălășan family – nr. 104

Cow milk: Tabarcea family – nr. 143 – +40 749 830 465

Traditional Bread: Onea family – Nr. 199
Jams: Nr. 73.
Goat milk: doamna Luminiţa – Nr. 45

Gemuri – Elena Suciu – nr. 232
Miere – Teofil Pandrea – nr. 46
Lapte de vacă – Elena Ioan – nr. 92

Lapte de oaie – Valer Constantin – nr. 165
Legume – Adrian Udrea – nr. 65

Miere: Gheorghe Pârvu – Nr. 457.
Mere: Alexandru Lascu – Nr. 7 – mere.
Miere: Lucian Stoia – Str. Nouă nr. 303. Gavrilă Claudiu Petre.
Producători de fructe şi legume: Ioan Medeșan – Str. Principală Nr. 163 – roșii, vinete, varză, castraveţi. Marin Hacicu – Str. Principală Nr. 140 – legume și ouă de prepreliţă.

Producători de fructe: Andreas Urban Wymann – Nr. 154 – mere, prune, pere.

Mere: Milagro SRL – Nr. 315 – mere.
Lapte de vacă: Liliana Muntean – Nr. 344.

Miere: Dan Toader – Str. Erou Bumbea, Nr. 22.
Miere: Maria Strungari – Nr. 109.

Producători de fructe şi legume: Livada Malancrav – Nr.86A – mere, pere, prune şi sucuri.

Miere: Daniel Klusch – Nr. 266 –

Miere: Ioan-Cristian Bica – Nr. 144, comuna Biertan –

Miere: Iulia Trif – Nr. 344 –

Ferma bio Ilimbav – Nr. 375 –, – produse tradiţionale din carne
de porc de mangaliţa, lapte de vacă şi lapte de oaie.

Produse tradiţionale: Liviu Ganea – – siropuri, dulceţuri, gemuri, zacuscă.

Brânzeturi – Gospodăria Willy Schuster – 0269862206, 0752108184
Lapte de oaie: Doru-Iordachi Ifteni – Nr. 51 .

Miere: Ioan Chirtop

Cătină albă: NP Prod – str. Principală 13, Et. P, ap.1.
Lapte de bivoliță: Raphael Herle – Ferma Jurcoi, FN –
Lapte de vacă: Jaglea Ioan –

Fermier: Toma Albu – Nr. 1 – produse din lapte de oaie.

Produse tradiţionale: SES FRULECO HNV – Nr. 156 – – gemuri, zacuscă – Casa de pe Deal – Nr. 200 – – – gemuri, murături şi siropuri tradiţionale. Pivniţa Bunicii – Nr. 354 – – – gemuri, sucuri, zacuscă.
Producător de legume: Elisabeta Costea – Nr. 430.

Miere: Olimpiu Burlea – Nr. 30.
Produse tradiţionale: Familia Cristurean – zacuscă, dulceaţă de ardei iute.
Lapte de vacă: Daniela Racz.

Producător legume: Neculai Tafta – Nr. 203.

Miere: Ioan Drăghici – Nr. 315.

Miere: Gabriel Lapădat – Casa nr. 37.

Produse tradiţionale: SC Ferma SRL – Daniel Kiss – produse din carne.

Mere: Serban Ovidiu Gheorghe – Casa nr. 187 – mere.
Producător de fructe: Petru Marian Ghebenei – Casa nr. 608 – mere. Toma Băra – Casa nr. 631 – mere. Mihail Lienerth – Casa nr. 22 – mere, prune, pere, cireşe, vişine, nuci, Alune. Lidia Bobeş – Casa nr. 8 – prune. Dagmar Susanna Dietrich – Casa nr. 171 – mere.