Explore Transylvanian Highlands step by step. It is the best way to breathe the nature and to enjoy unique views while creating splendid memories. Watch the flight of the lesser spotted eagle, listen to the wood-peckers hiding in the old tree forests, watch the graceful leap of the deer. Look for a multisecular oak, hug it and let it tell you its secrets and stories. Be enchanted by multicultural villages, discover local products and flavors, try new experiences. Take a minute to admire the scenery, smell the wildflowers, taste the berries directly from the source, visit the farms and talk to the locals.

Reccommended equipment: water source, hat or head coverage (especially in the summer), proper hiking shoes.

IMPORTANT : You are visiting a protected Natura 2000 area, with a long traditions ain animal husbandry. Therefore, you may encounter wild animals and sheepfold, guarded by dogs. We reccommed that you are accompanied by an experienced local guide.

Looking for a hike and complete freedom? Try our reccommended routes or plan it on your own.

Looking for a tailor-made exprience? Contact a local guide or experience local agencies.

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