Today, November 26th 2019, a new wonderful initiative to promote seven eco-tourism destinations is being lauched: The weeks of Romanian Ecotourism. For the next one and a half month, we will show you one movie each week where you will discover the most spectacular, beautiful, charming eco-destinations, as seen through the lenses of nature photographer Mihai Moiceanu.

To kick the show, today we are talking about the Discover Eco-Romania trailer.

Then, on the same Discover Eco-România Youtube channel, you will be able to discover, one by one promotional videos about Țara Hațegului – Retezat, Bison Land, Eco Maramureș, Băile Tușnad and surroundings, Țara Dornelor, Pădurea Craiului and Transylvanian Highlands.

„This moment is a milestone after a process of more than 5 years, in which each destination became more professional, developping the ecotourism infrastructure, quality of services, information and signaling ”, says Andrei Blumer, president of the Romanian Ecotourism Association.

These destinations cumulate an offer of 200 products and services, which are available for nature lovers and outdoor movement enthusiasts, that love chatting with the locals and enjoy tasty food. At this moment, the ecotourism network included over 180 guesthouses and more than 1700 kilometers of hiking, cycling and thematic routes. Romanian ecotourism exceededs 100.000 hosted tourists, with over 250.000 overnight stays.

The „Development of ecotourism destinations in Romania” program is a joint initiative of the Romanian-American Foundation and the Partnership Foundation and is implemented by seven destination management units, coordinated by the Ecotourism Association of Romania.


„It is the first time that Romania has financing program on a well-defined topic such as ecotourism destination, for such a long duration. We are talking about two financing modules of 4 years each, which started in 2015 and will continue until at least 2023 ”, emphasizes László Potozky, director of the Partnership Foundation.

The program stimulates the professionalization of the management of ecotourism destinations and manages to propel the network of destinations under the Discover Eco-Romania brand on the national and international tourism market.

„We want to stimulate local entrepreneurship and make replicable models of local development through ecotourism,” says Roxana Vitan, president of the Romanian-American Foundation.

The socio-economic impact of the ecotourism integrated in this initiative is already significant, estimated at over 30 million lei annually,that go directly in the local economy, over 550 local entrepreneurs involved and over 140 jobs created directly by the development of destinations. All this is possible following a financing of over 3.5 million USD in the first 4 years.

Ecotourism is exceptional opportunity for Romania, because it can attract tourists from abroad and from within the country with quality tourism products, which create a remarkable economic impact in all these rural communities. It is the perfect proof that the nature of Romania and the cultural wealth used carefully and well preserved can generate considerable revenues from ecotourism.

More information:

  1. An ecotourism destination is an area with at least one protected area (for example: national park, nature reserve, Natura 2000 site) and where the local development and tourism offer is a result of the collaboration between local businesses, the mayor’s office and the administrator of the protected area.
  2. The concept of an ecotourism destination is recognized by the government sector, with Romania having an international premiere: the first system for evaluating and certifying these destinations. So far, 5 ecotourism destinations have been evaluated and recognized: Eco Maramureș, Zărnești – Piatra Craiului, Bison Land, Țara Hațegului – Retezat and Țara Dornelor.

For more details on ecotourism and the initiators of the program, visit: