The Copsa Mare Guest Houses, just 2 km from Biertan, are an excellent example of the unexplained magic that gets into the souls of the visitors of the Saxon villages and no longer allows them to leave. The owners are not Romanian, they do not live here permanently, they travel on three continents, but for them, Copsa Mare is home. This is how the tourists feel when they pass the threshold of these beautiful restored houses respect the traditional architecture, to its smallest details. Once you have passed the gate of any of the three houses, you as a guest step into a timeless world that flows according to other rules and has that feeling of safety and comfort of the parental home.

Copsa Mare Guest Houses
Nr. 128 (4 places), Nr. 216 (4 places), 154 (8 seats), 146 (4 seats),
+40 746 046200, +40 728 371762, +40 269 868286,,,

Sometimes a house, a courtyard and a view are all that is needed for a radical change in life. The story of Bio Haus’s guest house in Nucet started from a few lines in an article about the village, which Mioara Cioran read in a local Sibiu newspaper more than 16 years ago. She convinced her husband, Emil, to take the road this hidden village among the hills and see the place. As they crossed the threshold, she felt as if she had been long waited for in that yard. That’s how an adventure started, one in an unknown village, which, with love for nature and people, was put on the tourist map of the area. Situated 6 km from the road connecting Agnita to Sibiu, Bio Haus Cioran welcomes guests with simplicity and hospitality, charms them through the landscape and conquers them with the most tasty dishes and traditional ingredients brought from the garden beyond the courtyard. The result: we all
ind it difficult to leave this place.

Bio-Haus Guest House
NO. 198,, +40 744 642025

At an equal distance between Sibiu and Sighişoara (55 km), at the end of the road, the Equestrian Center at Apoş is not only about horses, but also about dreams, about how they are transformed over time, but especially about how a MAN can change a community. A day of riding on fairy tale paths (the royal one, the wine one, the legends path, or that Of the Saxons) is a wonderful opportunity to find out
from the owner himself about the thrilling history of the center, about the Transylvanian village  rescue program, about the revived crafts or about the „counterattack” of the buffalo. For those who are not familiar with the horses, there is the option of a relaxing walk in a carriage through the village and the surroundings. Or even a few riding lessons, under the careful guidance of Roxana, the manager of the center, multiple National champion in training discipline.
Riding tours are certified Eco-Romania services.

Villa Abbatis Ecquestrian Center
Nr. 27, Apos, +40 784 960247,,

Originally thought of as a good location for a children’s camp, Viscri 125 began its story in 2007 when the owners, Mihai and Raluca, came from the capital city and passed the hill from Făgăraş where they
were looking for a holiday home. They accidentally stopped in Viscri, the village where it’s hard to get, but it’s worth the effort. Ten years after that, the guesthouse delights guests with the traditional elements, but especially through the experience of Viscri 125: relaxed atmosphere, friendship, craftsmanship, bike rides through the village or neighboring villages, truffle hunting, walking in the sheepfold, lazy moments in the hammock or up on a freshly collected haystack.

Viscri 125,

When your native land is calling you, somehow it brings you back in unpredictable ways in the village where you have grown up and reveals places with many memories, forgotten by the time, like the former Evangelical parish or the former school once surprising and modern, with Art Nouveau influences, a creation of the brilliant 19th-century Transylvanian architect Fritz Balthes. This is, in short, the story of the Cincşor.Transylvania.Guest Houses, which today invite you to enjoy the Saxon culture and the traditional cuisine, offered with refinement in an authentic space – a true gateway into Transylvanian Highlands. Situated 2 km from the European road E60, which connects Brasov to Sibiu, in the direction of Agnita, the Cincşor.Transylvania.Guest Houses are an architectural jewel with spacious rooms with authentic Renaissance frescoes, with a library becoming almost a brand itself, which offers a wonderful view of the fortified church (1421), and also an elegant and comfortable lounge, arranged in the former teacher’s office.

Cincșor. Transilvania. Guest Houses
Nr. 210, 212, 214,,

Free Wi-Fi
Bathrooms with bath and hairdryer.
Various relaxation areas, both in the old school and the old parish.
Sitting area in the yard.
Two libraries..
Playground – „The Story-House”
Inside games.
For the guest houses, booking at least 24 hours ahead is necessary.