„I like to work and fortunately I work what I like!„ Simona Ciuban, traditional craftsman from Cincșor

How did you become a traditional craftsman?
– The first piece of a traditional costume I made it was for my son. I liked it so much that I gave up the tailoring that I was practicing for over 20 years. Because I didn’t have any contact with traditional costumes before that, I needed a lot of documentation. The more I learned, the more I loved it! I was thrilled with the elegance and the variety of models.

– Why should we ware traditional costumes?
– It is all about respect for the traditions, about the appreciation for quality. By working with the traditional methods I respect and promote the traditional costumes, whether Romanian or Saxon. That’s why I use a lot of manual embroidery or crochet applications.

– What support, or on the contrary, what restrictions did you have in at the beginning?
– It wasn’t easy to find people who make quality materials. Unfortunately, raw materials can no longer be purchased from the community; all materials are from Mures County. I have a rule: if it is not possible to find it locally, than it has to be from Romanian. It was harder until I got known. Through Facebook (Simone’s Workshop) and customers recommendation, I manage to sell everything I make.

– Which is the greatest satisfaction so far?
– I have a workshop and a product portfolio, but of course I want to develop what I started. There is a growing demand and manually manufactured products are getting more and more appreciated. I like to work and fortunately I work what I like.

What are the words that define a „traditional costume designer”?
Simplicity, beauty and a lot of work.

Foto credit: Carmen Padurean