The summer passed away and the fall came in hurry. Nature is preparing for the arrival of winter. Intense agitation of nature begins to gradually decrease everywhere.

As early as the end of the summer, thousands of birds cross the sky to the warm, farther south. Sometimes they fly so high that you barely notice them! Sometimes they cry out in the night and noises come from above or from another world. They have long journeys, the journey hides great dangers, but they are not lost in nature. They put all their hope in their light and safe wings, in their unique senses, which reveals the same road year by year without a compass or a map.

Autumn is gentle, the days are warm still, some birds have already left us and others are preparing for the road. Why these hurried departures? Because each species is taking care to find sufficient food along the way to reach the final destination.

As early as July, after laying the last egg in a foreign nest, the cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) begins its migration to the south. A month later, the shore-grass (Riparia riparia) leave their nests and travel on their way to the south.One of the most loved species in our country, the priory (Merops apiaster) begins to migrate to Africa, beyond the Sahara desert.Gathered in large flocks, since early September, swallows have been doing bold drills.

Beautiful are the days of autumn! Leaves get rust shades. We are surrounded by a color explosion and yet, with the birds departure, a gentle sadness takes hold of the man’s soul.

In the ecotourism destination of Transylvanian Highlands, Lunca Oltului is the main route for migration. Here, fortunately, during the entire autumn season, there is a great turmoil! The coming of winter sets an incredible calm over all the luster of water.

In the warm countries the birds are only passers-by! Once the spring is coming, there is no way to stop them from returning to our lands.

Foto credit: Cătălin Fuciu