Project Description

The Olt River little delta

The southern limits of the ecodestination is called „a delta” because the habitats living here resemble a lot with this type of landscape. Unknown to many, this is an important step on one of the three major migration routes for birds. Each spring douzen of tousands of birds come north to nest and leave each autumn heading south to warmer places. The manbuilt reservoirs and dams have created a delta habitat and with the changes in the climat more and more new species also stop here, not only in the Danube Delta.

The great crested grebe (c) Cătălin Fuciu

The best places to observe these birds are on Voila, Viştea and Scoreiu accumulation lakes and in the wetlands around the villages of Şona (also visit the famous natural Pyramids, locally knows as ”Guruieți”, Lazăr’s smithery or the blue house of Stefan Câlția, one of the most famous Romanian contemporary artists), Cincşor (visit the Evangelical Church and the Weaving Workshop of Simona Ciuban), Rucăr (visit the local museum, in the house of the Orthodox priest and do not miss the spectacular view of the Fagaras ridges and the Olt basin – follow the marked trail about 2 km at the exit of the village),  Colun, Nou Român or Feldioara.

The mallard (c) Cătălin  Fuciu

Acces: The site is crossed by the national road DN1 connecting Brașov to Sibiu.

How to visit: We recommend you discover the aria by foot ot by mountain-bike on the marked trails connecting the villages. There is no admittance feed in the protected area. For guided tours, use Local guides and agencies