Project Description

Natural Reserve „Secular oak trees from Breite Sighisoara”

Old oak trees between 400 and 600 years and up to 1.8 m in diameter, await you on the plateau near Sighisoara, in the largest and best preserved pasture habitat with secular oaks in central and eastern Europe. Here, in the middle of the forest, in just 133 ha, you will find 10% of nationally known plants (380 species and subspecies of plants). A total of 115 species of vertebrates have been identified here, most of them protected by law. It is also a favorite place to find mushrooms (30 edible species) or very good organic wild garlic. In the summer dozens of playful butterflies will play with you and the atmosphere is from another world.

Many species of plants and animals – woodpeckers, singing birds, lizards, bats or butterflies, but also bigger carnivores like wolves, brown bears or wild cats – can be observed throughout the trip, depending on the season and the time of day. Please do not disturb, injure or try and capture them.

Right at the entrance of the plateau, on the left side, there are two oaks fallen to the ground and one about to collapse. They are still important for the habitat! An old oak, even dead, is home to a whole living universe (from woodpeckers, bats and dormouses, to algae, lichens and insects) and so it is important that it is left where it has collapsed.

The oldest trees are at the far edge of the forest – imagine a circumference of over 7.1 m and an estimated age of over 700 years! All the open area around is invaded by hornbeam, endangering the old oaks and the plateau in general. For this reason, over 15 ha of hornbeam shoots were cleared and the controlled pasturage has been introduced. The narrowest part of the plateau is suggestively called , „The wolf’s passage” because, in the winter, you will surely find traces and of a wolf, brown bear or wild cat.


By car or motorbike:

  • coming from Sighișoara or Brașov, on the national road DN14, follow the directions to Mediaș – Sibiu, at the exiting roundabout from Sighișoara. After the climb of the first hill (Hula Daneșului), take the first road to the left – follow the forest road for 2 km.
  • coming from Sibiu, on the national road DN14, after leaving the village of Daneș, before climbing the Hula Daneșului, take the last forest road on the right.

By bike of by foot:

  • From Sighișoara, Ana Ipatescu street, start at the information panels marked Colinele Transilvaniei / Transylvanian Highlands and follow the red strip marking

How to visit: hiking, cycling, horseback riding – free of charge – for guided tours, use Local guides and agencies.

Coordinates: The plateau is between the following coordinates:

Latitude: Southernmost point 46 ° 11.033 ‘; most northerly 46 ° 13.058 ‘
Longitude: Western point 24 ° 44.877 ‘; the most I am 24 ° 46.428 ‘

Credit foto: Florentina Florescu