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Beautiful oak forests

Oak forests and Transylvanian Highlands

Some of the most beautiful hardwood forests lie hidden in Transylvanian Highlands. Throughout the year, walking or cycling through these woods will bring you joy, tranquility and especially a healthy connection to a nature so rich in this area. The magic of the oak forests lies in the species richness, the greatness of the trees and the wonderful green you will see in the leaves.

The fluffy oak tree reserve close in the commune of Daneş

The fluffy oak is a small local tree, with a wide crown and a crooked (winding) trunk. The name comes from the fact that its sprouts the acorn cap are very fluffy. In Romania, it forms rare forests, small groups or bushes in the plains and forest steppes, in almost all regions of the country.

If you are lucky, around the fluffy oak you will also find cornelian cherry, a small tree with delicious fruits, especially when used to make jams and marmelades (in september) – its wood is the best to make a solid good traditional sticks or rods, used mainly by shepherds and elders.

You can see fluffy oak in the reservation near Criş (Daneş commune, Mureş county), just 15 km away from Sighişoara.

Just a glimpse into a typical forest (c) Bogdan Candrea

Oak forests around Beclean commune

Come for a walk in the 42-hectare oak forest, called Dealul Purcăretului, near Calbor (Beclean commune, Braşov county), just outside the town of Făgăraş near the county road towards the village of Cincșor. The Natura 2000 site was designated in 2008, for the presence of a habitat of European interest – vegetation of Euro-Siberian forest with sessile oak; they dominate the vegetation of this forest and come from naturally regenerated seeds. Spreading over an area of ​​40 hectares and located at an altitude of 450-600 m, on sandy marsh deposits, the forest has a well-preserved natural structure and good vegetation status of the tree species like sessile and pedunculated oak). There are also big specimens (up to 70cm in diameter and heights up to 27-29m).

Transylvanian Highlands green (c) Florentina Florescu

Another wonderful forest, this time a bit larger (108 ha), can be found nearby, in Dosul Fânaţului. It is located on the slopes with southern exposure, crossed on some places by stabilized riverbeds, at an altitude of 490-590 meters, on clay-maroon deposits. The site is crossed by the old road that connected the towns of Făgăraş and Rupea during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now abandoned, but relatively well preserved). And here, the natural structure is remarkably conserved, including various species such as hornbeam, field maples, bird cherry, European wild pear, small-leaved lime, field elm, beech, wildprivet, hawthorn, different types of spindle trees, dogrose, hazel meadow, dogwood, wayfaring tree or black elder. There are also big specimens (up to 60-70cm in diameter and heights up to 23-25m).

Elegant deer just outside of the village of Saschiz (c) Dragos Lungu.