Project Description

The ”canyon” of Mihăileni

Known locally as the „Mestecenii lui Drăgan” (Drăgan’s birch forest) or „Râpa lui Brod” („Brod’s ravine”), the protected area has an area of 15 ha. It is a formation resulting from the strong erosion of Pliocene sediments. Spread over more than half a kilometer along the left bank of the Calva stream, the side walls reach 20 m high, giving it a spectacular appearance of great geological value. Located at 17 km from the road between Mediaş and Sibiu (via the village of Şeica Mare), the canyon (500-600 m long) is hidden behind a plants „barrier”, being known by the locals from the legends that talk about the young wolves living here. Dedicated to adventure enthusiasts, the view over the small canyon is amazing.

To visit this mysterious world, you can go through the dry riverbed of the river, which dug this canyon. Beware of the abundant vegetation at the base of the walls. To reach the canyon follow the direction shown by the indicator located in the center of the village of Mihaileni, close to the church.

Coordinates: 45°58′46″N 24°21′10″E.

How to visit: hiking, cycling, horseback riding – free of charge – for guided tours, use Local guides and agencies.

From inside the canyon (c) Sibiu County Tourism Association & Ştefan Dragomir